Burj Khalifa

Today I had the amazing opportunity to lead a VIP tour of the Art Dubai Collector’s Circle to the Burj Khalifa. It was a wonderful group of charming people and we all had a great time, though we ran about 30 minutes over our alloted schedule. We spent a little too much time taking in the lavish Armani Hotel interiors.

Here are a few photos from the observation deck (At the Top) which we had the opportunity to see while it is still officially closed to the public, pending some recent maintenance. We took the freight elevator which is in excellent working order. Even though it is slower than the passenger lifts, the trip to the 124th floor was over before we knew it. At the Top is supposed to open again officially in a week.

We also got a tour of the Armani Hotel. They didn’t want us taking photos unfortunately. It was really elegant and I would stay there if they had a 95% off week sometime.