The ever-changing view from our balcony

Our first month here, Elizabeth decided to put together a book that was a compilation of photographs taken from our bedroom balcony every 30 minutes.

Here it is. It’s really interesting to watch the comings and goings of the buses with the workers and the colors are very vivid.

We’ve been inspired by our surroundings and especially by the plight of the people here that are building the apartment buildings that are rising up so quickly around us. We have so many ideas for projects. Another piece is a video from the balcony that I shot at night. Beth put a soundtrack to it of pearl-diving song to a very interesting effect. I’ll put up soon as well. And we have some things in the works that don’t even take place from the balcony. In fact, we are going to have a piece in a sculpture show coming up so stay tuned for that. Tomorrow we are going to the gallery to figure out the space that it will take up.

We have been working our asses of with our jobs but even so, every day feels like vacation. It still feels fun to go to work — kind of like I’m playing a part that I know well. I guess the novelty has still not worn off about the newness of the place.