Kaufbeuren, Munich, and GRADWANDERUNG

This past weekend we went to Munich and then on to Kaufbeuren [cough-boyrin] to attend the opening of the Gradwanderung exhibit at the Kunsthaus museum. Elizabeth was showing there with the Hot Spots project in collaboration with Ann Rosenthal and Karin Bergdolt.
It was great. The rest of this entry is devoted to the photographs from the trip of which there are a lot. I’ll go back in and add some more explanatory text in the near future, but a short summary is – day in Munich, Kunsthaus, Neuschwanstein, the opening, another day in Munich, Kaufbeuren, and back home.
We rented our car at Thrifty and the cheapest we could get was a Mercedes station wagon, which was awesome.
Basically we fell in love with Germany. It was my first time there. We’re going back very soon.

Dubai Creek Park

We decided to check out the Creek Park on Saturday. It was beautiful. But after a couple of hours we decided that it was too hot to be in the sun. When we got back to the car we realized that it was actually 90 degrees.
Everyone was out this weekend though. This is definitely the time of year. There were families barbecuing and people brought tents out and pitched them in the fields. We’re pretty sure that you can’t camp out overnight so we figure that they were just to pass the day away in.

The light quality was very intense that day. None of these photos were manipulated.

These dudes were really into us taking their photograph. They were shouting “capture! capture! Whasup bro?”

The desert garden is spectacular.

Beth waiting for her husband to get done climbing on the rocks.

This bird was beautiful. It stuck its beak into the bell shaped flowers like a hummingbird.

I’m not sure what kind of tree this is but it is really amazing how it drops these root balls back to the earth from its higher branches where, once they hit the ground, I imagine they take hold and start a new tree.

Missing Sixburgh

click on image for link to the article

Council changes city’s name to Sixburgh

We wish that we could be there for the parade today. Here is an early morning shot of the crowds starting to gather. Maybe it’s unorthodox to change the name of a city for a one-time sporting event, but these are the kind of awesome and forward thinking visionaries that call Pittsburgh home.¬†We miss it there today especially.