World’s Most Expensive Water: Bling H2O

Price is in UAE Dirhams. That comes to $52.28 for a 750ml bottle of water from Tennessee. There’s nothing else in there, just pure water. Very pure. It must be 24 karat water it’s so pure. The company claims to have a nine-step purification process that includes ozone, ultraviolet and microfiltration, but in an expert blind taste test it tied with Manhattan tap. Get yours today at Dean & Deluca, Souk Al Bahar or in the Dubai Mall.

Oh, they also have a website: If you’re really cool, you can buy a $2,600 bottle of water there via their online store. That bottle doesn’t just have Swarovski crystals on the logo. It has 10,000 Swarovsky crystals encrusting the whole thing.

Anyway, if it’s good enough for Paris Hilton’s dog, then it’s good enough for me.

Dubai Mall

This is a really long pedestrian bridge (almost 1 kilometer long) that is going to be constructed from the Dubai Mall metro stop to the mall itself. Presently, you have to walk two large blocks outside and then through the parking lot to get from the station to the mall. One can’t help but notice how much of an afterthought this bridge is. I wonder why it wasn’t made subterranean.