On March 8, 2008, Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian got married. It made perfect sense because they really were made for each other. One of the ways in which they are so allied is their shared love of exploration. So it also made perfect sense that later that month, Elizabeth accepted a professorship appointment at the American University in Dubai teaching art and design. Rob decided to quit his job and go too.

On August 16th they leave Pittsburgh, PA to start their very extended honeymoon in the Middle East.

This blog is their mouthpiece for the time that they are there. It will focus on cultural issues, art, and creativity. Through mogulus.com they have established a virtual TV studio and will be able to broadcast live and/or stream video clips that they or others have recorded. Hopefully there will be a set schedule of live broadcasts so that others may tune in at the right time each week.

Who knows that will happen?!