Larger Screen

Well that was really hard. I finally figured out how to make the column with the screen 100px wider. The learning curve has been steep, but I finally think I’ve tweaked this thing just right. I’ve placed some Dubai related videos that I cued up from youtube on automatic rotation that will be stand-in for now until we get things rolling on the webcast. There are about 12 of them that play in order and then if you are there at the right time, you’ll see Elizabeth and I get married in the video that Deborah Hosking shot and that her husband, Randy Kovitz, edited. I’ll replace these videos with other things (perhaps less touristy and more heady) as soon as I can get the right stuff.

Today is Sunday and next week we’ll be landing in Dubai at around this time. It’s really hitting me now. Still have to hook up with Mike to give him the title to the old Ford Explorer. He and Anthony are gonna pimp the shit out of it and drive it fast through mud and jumps or something. Of course we will have live footage here of that. Here’s some interesting footage of the old white whale from 2006:

Movin’ on Up: The Explorer Takes on the Johnstown Incline

This mogulus thing is completely amazing and it would have been very difficult for me to have set the tv thing up on my own. Perhaps impossible. So let’s hope they have staying power. I guess they make their money through advertising since I didn’t have to pay them anything. There is a little box that came up last night about Pittsburgh waterproofing or something, but you can click it away quite easily. In any case, if you have something to advertise, consider supporting them.

Today, Beth and I are heading to the old Allegheny City to take some more photos for the Allegheny Commons website. I hope the weather stays good.


The curtain is still down and the house lights are on. But things are stirring and it won’t be long now. It’s exactly ten days until the show begins. Between now and then this blog will be getting a very big design overhaul, and Elizabeth and I will be looking into getting more away from this default style and into something more customized with interactivity and video and streaming and, and, and…

miss our garden a little...
we miss our garden a little...

So we moved out of our house on Avery Street almost one week ago and a lot has happened here on Hatfield Street since then. We hosted the Ferry Family on their victory lap with father Jack Ferry riding on shoulders after his triumphant and harrowing first place finish in the 1st annual Harrisburg Pub Golf Tournament. They are generously letting us borrow their PT Cruiser after Elizabeth was so nice to give Matt and Danielle her Honda Accord. And they were here to see Sarah into her new home in Lawrenceville. Sarah is settling in and has an interview tomorrow after pounding the pavement with resumes for a couple of days.

Ruthie and Tiger are doing great and are happy to have Sarah here as the new den mother (co-mommy once Barb moves in from Alaska in September). They have a suspicion that something is going on, but they are rolling with it and enjoying marking new territory in Larryville.

We’ve done some work on the house like fixing a clogged drain. I bet you didn’t know that one of the most important steps in fixing a clogged drain is to first flood the floor below you with water that pours out of the hallway light fixture (but it is). Anyway, that all worked out great in the end and we’ve dried things out. We got a new pantry shelf today for the kitchen and I fixed the front door hinge. All we have left is to do a little waterproofing of a few areas on the back of the house.