Gretel the Cactus and Dunkin Donut’s Magic

We had a fabulous weekend two weekends ago. It’s OK that we’re behind on posting things because I made a new years resolution to be more relaxed and less punctual. Anyway, we went to the Garden Center and after a couple of hours and some great brewed-on-site organic coffees there we finally fell in love with the oddest looking plant that we’ve ever seen and decided that we had to take it home with us. Elizabeth named her Gretel which is an onomatopoeic adaptation of her rugged beauty and has nothing to do with abused children left in the woods and seduced with candy by a witch.

That same weekend we decided to finally try Dunkin Donuts coffee as a little taste of home and a break from all of those fancy cappuccinos and lattes. Elizabeth has had a problem ever since we got here in that they do not sell “half and half” at any of the stores. We have tried stuff labeled “full cream milk” and many other things that are just not quite right. So when we were at Dunkin Donuts she asked them if they had American style half and half. They agreed that it can’t be purchased but said that they make their own right there behind the counter with milk and cream. This was a revelation that has allowed us to share our morning coffee in the house together with equal satisfaction by performing our own bit of dairy chemistry in the kitchen. And the coffee that morning at Dunkin Donuts was delicious!

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