I Love This Car

We have been seeing a lot of crazy expensive cars here. This one is in the garage that I park in every day at the Fairmont Hotel (that’s where our offices are located). It has been sitting in this garage for the last two months unused while we have had a few windy and sandy days. I didn’t write that on the hood but I¬†wish I had. I also would have left the “i” out of “this” for effect.

What makes this so really great is that this Bugatti Veyron is literally the world’s most powerful and expensive production car. With 1040 metric horsepower it can reach 253 mph. You would think that for 1.3 million dollars it would not be physically capable of collecting dust but you would be wrong.

For the record, Elizabeth is now a huge fan of the Audi R8 and also has the hots for this one particular chartreuse Lamborghini that is in a show room that we drive by on the way to Garden Center. You just can’t help getting into sexy cars here.