Art Oasis Opens at WAFI

The Art Oasis exhibit, A Green Vision, opened yesterday. Elizabeth co-curated the show along with Beth Carruthers, an artist from Vancouver. It is a great show with a lot of interesting work and it is receiving excellent reviews so far. We’ll continue to bring updates on the show, with a focus on the piece that Elizabeth and I created for the residence, The Ibn Al Haytham Pavilion for Mushrif Park.

Gita Meh – Simorgh: To Think Locally is to Act Globally

Anupama Jain – Untitled

Michael Bray – The Tipping Point Duet

Michael Bray – Deserted Hare

Nividet Saha – First Entry Series 1

Jala Abuthina – New Surroundings

Ozant Kamaci – Pause Series

Mohammed Buleiyah – untitled

Rebecca Rendell – Anian Dau and Anian Tri

Zain Mustafa – Carousel

Abdul Rahim Salim – Tyre Landscape

Noora Dakhan – Foog o Tahat

Rob and Elizabeth win an award for their piece

Sarah Lahti (not in picture) – Relocated Elements of the Crazy/Happy Scientist
Installation being used by crazy/happy kids as intended.

(left to right) Nerissa + Nick, Elizabeth, Beth, and Hetal

After Party!