Fasten Your Seatbelts

I finally have the video up that I shot a week ago. You can see it broadcasting on the screen to the left and you can click “full screen”, or the link at the upper right “mogulus” will take you to the channel at the hosting site. It may stream better there and you will also see our nifty banner marquee (ha ha).
The soundtrack is entirely from the car stereo so you may be impressed by the quality. I apologize also about the dirty windshield during parts of this. I thought it would contribute a stunning sense of nouveau-realism to the film but I was wrong. Also I was out of wiper fluid.

Here are some random photos:

This one is for Sarah. As you can clearly see in this photo, Pittsburgh and Dubai are cosmically linked as sharing a unique liberality about which way one orients one’s car while parking on a two-way street.

Yes. We are tempted but have not done it yet.

A lot of the trucks around here are decorated beautifully like they belong to Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters. Of course we’re going to step up when we finally get the Peugeot which may be this week.

  1. Were you driving and taping at the same time? Risky business….I know that was a total “Mom” comment- I can’t help it!!