Lazy Friday

Beth and I spent most of the day laying around the house today. We watched a couple movies on MBC which is a really great set of stations in English with Arabic subtitles. And we went to Lu Lu Hypermarket and got goodies that we’ve been snacking on all day. After this post I think we’ll work out a little and maybe have a jump in the pool.

Here’s Beth getting on the “school bus”. It’s the shuttle that takes the people living at Summerland Apartment Building to the University. Doesn’t she look beautiful?

This is the Burj al Arab, the tallest and most expensive hotel in the world, etc. Notice how the sunlight reflects off of the glass into three beams of light that stand out against the sky. As you drive down Sheikh Zayed road at the right time of day it is really impressive how bright the beams of light are.

The Peugeot dealership.

We’re not sure what this is. It’s about 5 inches long. We pushed it with a stick and it was squishy. It’s been there for a week across the street from our apartment building entrance. It might be an alien life form. It seems to be dormant so we’re not going to poke it anymore.